Thermaiscan part of Nordic delegation trip to Malaysia as one of the winners of the Nordic Digital Health Malaysia Innovation Challenge

Thermaiscan was announced as one of the winners of Nordic Digital Health Innovation Challenge Malaysia 2022 addressing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in Malaysia, hosted by Nordic representatives from Business Sweden, Innovation Norway and Business Finland. 

The winners were all invited to Malaysia this October. Six companies from the Nordics took part in the Digital Health Malaysia 2022 (DHM22) exhibition in Penang. During the gathering we all showcased our innovations and met with key healthcare ecosystem actors. 

Thermaiscan then continued the trip to Kuala Lumpur, meeting with MDEC and MRANTI, who are driving innovation forward in Malaysia. We were fortunate to be invited to the offices of Business Sweden and join a networking event hosted at the Swedish ambassador’s residence. Here we met with fantastic individuals from major companies, all pushing forward for a positive healthcare impact for the people of Malaysia.

The other delegates from the Nordics during the trip were:

  • Oivi (Norway) – Transforming the screening and management of diabetic eye disease  
  • Omsyn (Norway) – Innovative and affordable solutions that enable effective diabetes and cancer screening 
  • OneTwo Analytics (former Digital Diabetes Analytics – Sweden) – Automated individual analysis and decision support for diabetes teams and patients 
  • Optomed (Finland) – Innovative and affordable solutions that enable effective diabetes and cancer screening 
  • Heart2Save (Finland) – A reliable solution for arrhythmia monitoring no matter where you are

What is Digital Health Malaysia (DHM)? 

A platform where Malaysian healthcare professionals, researchers and industry collaborate to advance the digital health agenda. In partnerships with relevant ministries and agencies, the platform gathers crucial input from stakeholders of diverse backgrounds and inter-disciplines, exchanging ideas and exploring collaboration opportunities in the field of telemedicine, telehealth and AI. The initiative started 2015 as Telemedicine Development Group (TDG) and later changed name to Digital Health Malaysia. 

Malaysia: A beautiful country with open minded people looking for cost effective predictive healthcare solutions

Our short visit to Malaysia was equally fantastic as it was intense. The days in this beautiful country offered interesting sessions on stage during DHM22 and insightful meetings with many people and organization representatives. 

This trip was made possible by our partners and collaborators. Thermaiscan wants to send special thanks to Karolinska Institutet Innovations and to the Nordic Team stationed in Malaysia – Kacper Pierzynowski and Henrik Zygmunt from Business Sweden, Nee Ker Ling from Innovation Norway and Mohamed Farid from Business Finland – for the preparations and support during the trip. 

The heroes of the Nordic Business Team were working hard to push us forward during the trip, introducing us to key actors and facilitating new connections. 

Organizations like Business Sweden are important for both startups as well as bigger businesses. They open up doors that we know would be very hard to even reach before knocking on them. 

We therefore wholeheartedly recommend Nordic startups working in, or towards, the international market to initiate contact with Business Sweden, Innovation Norway and/or Business Finland. We are sure you will then discover the many possibilities created by Team Sweden/Finland/Norway. 

During DHM22, Thermaiscan had the opportunity to present our journey and predictive approach to breast cancer pre-screening. The Nordic delegation was part of a panel moderated by Dr Khoh Soo Beng. The theme: Commercialisation routes for digital health solutions. A path offering plenty of challenges. As aspiring Nordic innovators and researchers, Thermaiscan shared how we are working to minimize late detection of breast cancer and reduce costs for healthcare systems in the region.

COO Arby Leonian on stage.
Co-founders Dr. Nerses Berberian and COO Arby Leonian in a conversation with General Director of Health in Malaysia – Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Haji Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah about the possibilities of a breast cancer pre-screening solution in health units all over Malaysia. 

Paving the way for new impact ideas with Malaysia’s National Technology and Innovation Sandbox

In Kuala Lumpur we had the opportunity to visit MDEC & MRANTI offices and facilities. It was impressive to see the possibilities the Sandbox creates and learn about the processes in place to make the pathway for entrepreneurs in Malaysia smoother. For businesses looking to get started in Malaysia, there is plenty of support. 

MDEC is Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), which is the government agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. Their mission is to lead the nation’s digital economy forward. MRANTI is the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation, fast-tracking the development of technology innovations, from ideas to impact. 

We are confident that the sandbox is beneficial for innovation and will bring forward new interesting businesses to impact the country and the world. The sandbox concept is focused on testing early stages of ideas and concepts faster. 

As soon as Thermaiscan is ready to take the step to enter Malaysia – we know what to do!