Thermaiscan awarded ’Ignite Master of B2B Collaboration 2021 – Private Sector’

During the annual conference Ignite Sweden Days where representatives from corporates, public sector, startups, incubators, science parks and governmental agencies are brought together to discuss how co-creation and collaboration is the best way to innovate and create sustainable impact.

Besides interesting round tables and talks, Ignite announced the winners of the Ignite Awards for their achievements in innovation and collaboration during 2021.

Thermaiscan awarded on stage

During dinner, Thermaiscan were called up on stage to accept the prize with this motivation:

Strong engagement, credibility and a top-notch predictive medicine solution have been the key to success for Thermaiscan.

The company has initiated more collaborations with corporates through Ignite Sweden than any other startup this year.

These partnerships not only have the potential of bringing business to the table but they also have the capacity of improving our health.

When Thermaiscan wins, we all win!

Motivation for the prize Ignite Master of B2B Collaboration 2021 – Private Sector, Ignite Sweden
Cofounders Katarina Dalunde Eriksson and Arby Leonian

Wow. And if that was not enough to give us chills. Here are even more heart warming words from Ignite Sweden:

“Thermaiscan is really disrupting breast cancer diagnostics – and they are obviously also able to close really big deals.

We are humbled to have supported Thermaiscan to open doors on their way to getting their first international customers, and changing the lives of many.”

Stina Lantz, Program Manager at Ignite Sweden

About Ignite Awards

This is the 5th edition of the Ignite Awards. The Awards aim to recognize both private and public sector collaboration with startups. We celebrate municipalities and large companies cooperating with at least one startup during the year. 

About Ignite Sweden 

Ignite Sweden is a program led by Kista Science City, THINGS, STING, LEAD, MINC, Sahlgrenska Science Park and Uminova in collaboration with SISP. Ignite is co-funded by Vinnova and Energimyndigheten. 

The initiative aims to foster innovation by connecting large companies and public organizations to startups around the world.

Since it began in spring 2017, Ignite has organized matchmaking events all over Sweden connecting 837 startups with 260+ corporates, resulting in 4387 meetings and most importantly 349 commercial collaborations, of which 120+ have been initiated during the covid pandemic. This highlights how innovative collaborations can work regardless of the distance.


Thermaiscan winner of Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race 2021.

Thermaiscan was awarded 1 million SEK during the Nexer Summit The Promising Future of Tech.

We are extremely happy to announce Thermaiscan as winners of Dream Big, arranged by Nexer Group.

Why Thermaiscan?

Thermaiscan’s innovation enables early detection of breast cancer with the help of AI, thermal imaging technology and a smartphone. The product is perfect for mini clinics, primary care and health care professionals who visit patients at home, or in rural areas. In addition to being a portable solution, a non-specialist can perform the examination by having the AI analyse the result.

”By combining the right people and skills, the winning team has created a smart solution that overcomes geographical, societal, and educational barriers to reduce human suffering and improve quality of life. The solution is innovative, scalable, and cost-effective, and creates a paradigm shift within global health care.”

The jury’s motivation

This is Nexer Dream Big Innovation Race

Dream Big is a global, gender-equal innovation competition for entrepreneurs who dream of a new service or product in the digital or tech industry.

This years amazing jury was compiled of: Lena Apler, Tuva Palm, Binette Seck, Malin Frithiofsson, Beatrice Silow, Johan Magnusson, Erik Jivmark and Viktor Frisk.

“We are looking for ground-breaking tech innovations”

Lars Kry, CEO at Nexer.
Thermaiscan's COO Arby accept the price - 1 M SEK - that will be used for medical staff, AI-developers, regulations and patent.
From the left: Beatrice Silow, Viktor Frisk, Arby Leonian, Lars Kry
Here you can see our COO Arby accept the price – 1 M SEK – that will be used for medical staff, AI-developers, regulations and patent.
From the left: Beatrice Silow, Viktor Frisk, Arby Leonian, Lars Kry

The competition this year had 168 applications. Four finalists – Compular, Navari, Swiftly and Thermaiscan – were selected to pitch their business ideas to the jury and Thermaiscan was announced the winner during the Nexer Summit.

During the last three years, the Thermaiscan team has used its own recourses, time and competence to move forward. Together we are set on building a life saving solution

This prize is a well needed contribution that will make a huge difference for our work moving forward.

Outside of the picture – all over the globe – the rest of the team cheered on digitally. From Armenia, Germany, and the states, to name a few. A team we have everything to thank for.

If you made it this far: make sure to check out the Nexer Dream Big Innovation Race. Maybe your startup cam win next years round?

As always, thank you for the support.

/The Thermaiscan Team

Arby Leonian COO of stage at Nexer Summit, celebrating the win of Dream Big.
Arby Leonian, COO, on stage.