The future is br(AI)ght for Hyper Island students

A short reflection on visiting our old school and what skills are needed in the future.

Last week, the ThermaiScan team in Sweden were invited to the digital business school Hyper Island. The purpose: A lecture with the new class of AI Business Consultants in their module Ecosystem of the AI Landscape. A class just in the beginning of their transformative and experience-based journey that Hyper Island is known for.

With four Hyper Island alumni in the team, it was a given to drop what we were doing and offer up some advice and share our journey and learnings.

We kicked off with some reflection, and then each of us from the team shared our “why”, followed by a presentation of our breast cancer screening solution, some obstacles along the way and what’s next.

Being the first time sharing this amount of information about us and our company to anyone, naturally some nervousness was involved. Would they ask questions? Would they be bored?

Well, we had nothing to worry about! In reality, the students were very much involved in our presentation, fearlessly raising hands one after another, challenging us with tricky questions about data security, the future of thermal cameras and how to handle competition. We didn’t even have time for the workshop we had planned – the Q&A got intense and the students even said no to breaks (Yup. Inspiring, right?)

Looking back at this session, our key takeaways are:

  • These students, their mindset and their competences are very much needed in the AI business landscape.
  • When we dare to share success, failures and even our own personal struggles, we grow and contribute to a collective learning experience. Openness and trust is real.
  • We LOVE to inspire more people to use technology to solve real problems.

We’ll end with a comment from a student that pretty much summarizes what we feel.

I think it’s a dream job, when you every day use your energy to help other people, to defeat this huge global threat. Thank you!

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