Innovate4Good supporting ThermaiScan

Great thanks to Innovate4Good (I4G) that believes in our vision and supports our innovation!

ThermaiScan were invited to the annual Innovate4Good Forum in March 2020 as part of their startup project, the Innovation Challenge. The purpose was to present our innovation and connect with potential investors and partners. We were really looking forward to meet everyone live and network with people and businesses in the MENA region. But we are happy with how the annual forum quickly was converted into a digital conference due to Covid-19. We participated online and had many great insights! Thank you for your engagement and passion to drive positive change in the world.

We can proudly announce that we were awarded a Certificate of Achievement for:

1) Exceptional business idea in health care
2) Amongst 25 changemakers shortlisted from 400 applicants
3) Our positive contribution to Innovate4Good’s inaugural Innovation Challenge

Thank you for this!

What is Innovate4Good?

I4G is a networking, sourcing & innovation platform enabling the advancement of Social Impact & Tech4Good Innovation Ecosystem in the MENA region & beyond.

Through its acceleration programs and initiatives, I4G aims at creating an active flow of information, connections and resources by sourcing best innovators, startup founders and transformational entrepreneurs and connect them with enablers to help them thrive and enabling them to develop and launch solutions to solve real-world problems being societal and environmental, faster.

I4G works together with its global ecosystem partners and contributors on creating an effective and efficient innovation ecosystem in the region that supports each others’ goals, missions, visions and values for the good of humanity, the planet and shared prosperity.

Innovate4Good Mission

To catalyze change and create a positive impact to the world through the growth of Social Impact Innovation & Transformational Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

The team behind Innovate4Good is STRATECIS

STRATECIS was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of connecting people, brands, technologies and ideas for the good of humanity and the planet.

The founding team was involved since 1995 in global initiatives and forums to help create new markets, empower the youth, contribute to shaping the sustainability agenda and accelerate innovation along with transformational entrepreneurship.