Impact healthcare on the horizon for India

Covid-19 has opened people’s eyes to the need for innovation in the healthcare sector.

It is apparent that the world need remote solutions that have real impact on both communicative and non-communicable diseases.

ThermaiScan are determined to build just that: Healthcare solutions with impact.

We are currently focusing on finding breast cancer early using thermal technology and AI. With our affordable pocket sized tool, we screen for early stage breast cancer development.

By utilising AI and thermal technology combined with a smartphone, small clinics and remote doctors/nurses (non-specialists) will have the possibility to incorporate a new, accurate and affordable tool to screen for breast cancer, without needing to invest in expensive machines.

Our screening tool will open up the possibility for many more women to be able to screen for breast cancer. The impact an accessible tool like this has are enormous since it is portable, affordable and fast. ThermaiScans breast cancer pre-screening solution is non-toxic, non-invasive and suitable for younger women and women with dense tissue breasts. The screening process is comfortable and private.

Currently, there are more than 250 million breast cancer screenings performed globally. With a remote and more accessible tool, even more screenings will available. The health- and societal benefits are with this astronomical.

ThermaiScans greatest wish is to bring our breast cancer screening tool to market as soon as possible. By winning the Innovation Challenge arranged by the India-Sweden Innovation Centre, we are closer to our goal. 

We are extremely proud and honoured to win the challenge together with 13 other fantastic health care startups.

What is the India-Sweden Innovation Centre and why does it exist?

The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre is a collaboration between prestigious Indian medical institutes (AIIMS Delhi and AIIMS Jodhpur), the Swedish Government (Swedish Trade Commissioner’s Office) and the Swedish business sector (Business Sweden), including partners such as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India, ICMR and AstraZeneca. The centre initiative was launched to further deepen the collaboration in the field of innovation and healthcare between India and Sweden. Read more about the centre and all partners here.

What does winning the Innovation Challenge mean for the future?

India is a market with a huge need for remote healthcare solutions, a need that has grown even more in the midst of Covid-19.

This price is truly a recognition that we are moving in the right direction. Our innovation has huge potential thanks to how we are using technology as a leverage to scale, big and fast.

We are happy to announce that we will be provided with world class guidance to continue our product development, i.e. research, data collection, expert advice, access to health care clinics and field testings. Additionally, we will get expert advice on appropriate rules and regulations and get connected to future customers.

We are also excited for many new strong partnerships and to onboard more talented colleagues.