RETRO: 2022

Thermaiscan made a lot of progress in 2022, setting ourselves up for success in 2023. 

We entered 2022 as the winners of Dream Big 2021, which gave us 1M SEK. Combined with the confidence boost of winning the Ignite Master of B2B collaborations 2021 and signing a Memorandum of Understanding with AstraZeneca in Singapore, we were set on making the year of 2022 count.

This is our retro for 2022. Come along!

Product and business development to achieve greater AI results

As a software health tech company, accuracy and a great product is key. We therefore naturally focused on product and business development. One of our main goals was to achieve great AI results on internal medical tests using the Teledyne FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor in the CAT S62 Pro smartphone.

The future of thermal is larger than any one device

We believe that the future of thermal technology extends beyond just being integrated into smartphones. The small 0.9 gram Teledyne FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal sensor is already being used by several smartphone providers as a standard component – and this is just the beginning. Did you know that there are currently more than three million Lepton units built into a variety of products? The usage is broad. They are used within the manufacturing, security, defense, IoT, and consumer-technology industries. As a consumer, you might encounter the sensor in smart glasses.

Thermal technology is one of the core sensor technologies that are growing in popularity within predictive medicine. A huge potential lies in using thermal sensors in healthcare units performing predictive screenings. In the future, we see vast possibilities with thermal sensors integrated into more devices, such as headsets, TVs and in specialized photo booths. However, speaking about smartphones we know that Lepton 3.5 thermal sensor exist in uleFone Power Armor 18T and similar Lepton modules exist already in several other smartphones like Blackview BL8800 Pro.

Teledyne FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal sensor is making the world a better place. Discover more here at the FLIR website.

Migrated to CAT S62 Pro smartphone for screening

In the first quarter of 2022, we made significant progress. Our machine learning and software team in Armenia, managed by Thermaiscan Co-founder and CPO Areg Gevorgyan, grew to full size. The team are highly skilled specialists in machine learning in combination with thermal technology. 

During this time, we migrated to the use of the CAT S62 Pro smartphone as a screening device, instead of using the FLIR One Pro thermal camera attachment for smartphones. This improved the quality of our thermal images and we could further develop our machine learning capabilities and breast cancer research. Additionally, the CAT S62 Pro boasts a longer battery life and is more robust, making it a more reliable choice for one of our main purposes. To be present in communities outside cities and in rural areas, where healthcare and breast cancer screening is not easily accessible. 

We also joined as Swecare members, a Swedish Life Science platform and participated during Sweden Innovation Days, where our CMO, Katarina, gave a live broadcasted interview with Ignite. We also had the opportunity to attend the AI conference at the Belgian and French Embassy in Brussels, where Katarina was invited for an interview and pitch.

CAT S62 Pro smartphone with Thermaiscan software.

Preparing pilot studies

In the second quarter, we continued to build partnerships, with AstraZeneca introducing us to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation for a demo. We began collaborating with major healthcare actors for pilot studies in Singapore. We spent a full day in May with the talented creators of Nexer to film interviews, in preparation for the next Dream Big Innovation Race 2022, where our COO Arby was invited as one of the judges.

To top this off (with a bang!), we were accepted into the fantastic Karolinska Innovations DRIVE incubator program in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the third quarter, our CMO and COO, Katarina and Arby, participated in the Nordic Innovation Fair Event in Copenhagen, Denmark through the Karolinska Innovations DRIVE program. 

Winner in the Nordic Digital Health Innovation Challenge Malaysia

With restrictions easing off, we finally had the opportunity to travel further from our Swedish-Armenian base. Core team members COO Arby and Medical Team Lead Dr Nerses Berberian, breast cancer specialist and surgeon, performing all of Thermaiscan’s thermal breast screening research traveled to Singapore and Malaysia. Thermaiscan was invited as one of the winners in the Nordic Digital Health Innovation Challenge Malaysia. Arby participated as a speaker and panelist with the Swedish delegation. We had the opportunity to meet the ecosystem in Penang where we also meet the General Director of Health in Malaysia, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Haji Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah. In Kuala Lumpur we also meet interesting people and learnt more about how to get started in Malaysia via MDEC and MRANTI. We also met with key healthcare actors in Singapore and visited the National University of Singapore.

Clinical validations and great AI results 

In the fourth quarter, we started to conduct clinical validations in Armenia together with Yerevan Medical State University and Erebouni Hospital. At the same time we are achieving great AI results in internal testings using the FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal sensor. We cannot wait to share the clinical validation results with you in the form of a medical paper. Keep an eye out for this news!

We could also proudly share that we signed a Letter of Intent with MAMTA in India. We have yet another LOI to announce very soon. 

This fourth and last quarter of 2022 could not have ended any better than with the live broadcasted webinar we held for Nexer staff. What a milestone! To share our collective knowledge on developing impact driven deep tech, combining technologies in close multi-disciplinary collaboration. Wow!

Looking ahead to the first six months of 2023, our main priorities are fundraising and further developing our machine learning capabilities. In parallel, we plan to graduate from the KI Catalyzer program, finalize clinical validations in Armenia and publish a medical paper, and develop more partnerships in India and Singapore. We are also open to discussing potential synergies with other organizations globally.

Thank you 2022. Let’s make a real impact in 2023. Follow us on social media for more updates!

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