FemTech and cancer

We use thermal cameras to find early stage breast cancer.

The prestigious competition She Loves Tech chose ThermaiScan as the top 1 startup in the Nordic, and top 24 in the whole world during 2020.

She Loves Tech is the world’s largest competition for women and technology taking place in more than 20+ countries. She Loves Tech aims to empower women and assist in the development of female leaders in the tech industry.

Read more about She Loves tech and their mission here.

Female focused technology is getting more and more recognition these days (and we are here for it!) –  but what is FemTech, and why is it so important?

FemTech is improving, supporting and promoting women’s health

FemTech is technology that is designed towards the needs of women. If women are not taken into account, problems can occur. In the article “The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes” published in the Guardian, you find many interesting examples of flawed design where women were not considered. We suggest you take some time to read the full article later on (find the link at the bottom of this article). 

So – what can happen? Well, did you know that standard office temperatures are designed for men’s metabolism, and too cold for most women? On average, the temperature is five degrees too cold for women. And this is because of a miscalculation from the 1960’s. A chilling example, but not horrifying. Some cases where only men are the data set is way more harmful than others, and may even lead to death. The Guardian writes:

“When a woman is involved in a car crash, she is 47% more likely to be seriously injured, and 71% more likely to be moderately injured, even when researchers control for factors such as height, weight, seatbelt usage, and crash intensity. She is also 17% more likely to die. And it’s all to do with how the car is designed – and for whom.”

Caroline Criado-Perez, The Guardian

You can see how being inclusive in design is not only important, but life saving.

Our company ThermaiScan are developing a breast cancer risk assessment tool using AI, thermal technology and a smartphone. And for us, FemTech isn’t just a buzzword. FemTech is rather a core part of our business idea: to develop a solution that has true health related impact for women globally. Our goal is to design a product that is inclusive for all bodies that are at risk for developing breast cancer. There is a real and acute need in all corners of the world to find breast cancer earlier. As we have recently stated, the numbers are dire. Current breast cancer screenings aren’t sufficient, especially for young women with so called dense tissue breasts. 

By designing a cost efficient, accurate and remote tool to screen for cancer, more women will have the possibility to find early stage breast cancer using nothing more than a phone and a small thermal camera. 

Why do we need FemTech?

If we look at the numbers, HealthTech geared towards women is still an underdeveloped area. A recent article in MobiHealthNews stated that only:

4% of all healthcare research and development is targeted specifically at women’s health, even though women spend an estimated $500 billion annually in medical expenses.” 

Globe Newswire

As you can imagine – there’s huge potential for growth in the FemTech industry. And the need is here. We are happy to see that there’s a growing awareness for early detection of breast cancer due to its correlation with survival chances, indicating that investments in the field will grow. Globe Newswire reported that the global breast cancer diagnostic market is forecasted to reach over USD 8,7 Billion by 2027.

To conclude: FemTech is here to stay, and so are we. The ThermaiScan team is working hard to bring our innovation to the market as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your time, let’s talk soon again.