A 12 times a year routine that can save your life

A regular self check breast routine could save your life. Or that of a loved one. A few minutes, 12 times per year. Quite a good investment, right?

A good starting point is to set a time each month – or even better – a set time during your cycle, in case you are still menstruating – to do your self check! Breasts change during the cycle, so a set time will make it easier to find changes that are not hormone related.

Ok. So, the alarm rings. It is time to check your breasts. This is what you do:

  1. Observe your breasts in the mirror, first with hands on the hips.
  2. Then with hands raised over head. Check for differences, lumps and color changes.
  3. Time to feel for changes. One time standing up, one time laying down. In small circular motions, and a firm touch. Cover the whole breast area, including your armpits and look for changes.
  4. Ok, you found something? It is recommended to let a few days pass. Maybe it was related to your cycle. It didn’t disappear? Call your healthcare provider and get it checked.

Remember – if you have mammography screening scheduled- go to it!

And last but not least: spread the word. Tell a friend or a loved one about checking their breasts and look for changes that could be breast cancer!

A 12 time a year commitment. If you can do it – they can too!

Good luck.

This guide was written in collaboration with the Thermaiscan Marketing Manager Katarina Dalunde Eriksson and breast cancer specialists Dr Nerses Berberian and Dr.med Axel Gräwingholt.